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Key Information

Registration deadline:

15 February 2023

Semester dates:

1 March – 26 May 2023

Innovative individual courses or whole exchange semester

Virtual delivery, all courses taught in English

Erasmus recognized credits, no tuition


VERSATILE project has 4 key objectives:


to create viable alternatives to physical student mobility during the pandemic


beyond the pandemic, to enable higher education institutions to offer new internationalisation-at-home possibilities to students who traditionally face mobility barriers


to aid educators in developing their online teaching skills


to provide new ways in which educators can internationally exchange knowledge and methods

Online Teaching Guide

Supporting educators and educational designers in planning and preparing cross-institutional online teaching effectively and flexibly.

Online Curriculum

Creating an innovative, team-taught virtual course curriculum for students, as a viable alternative to the full semester spent abroad.

Adaptive Toolbox

Assisting lecturers and educational designers in selecting pedagogically well-functioning digital tools for their cross-institutional courses.

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